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Feel Good About Your Toddler’s Nutrition

Made With Whole Plants
Made With Whole Plants
Made with >90% minimally processed, whole-food ingredients Buckwheat, Almond and Tapioca. Our unique formulation and process means no alteration to the ingredient’s chemical structure- keeping these plants natural for a more natural digestion.
Minimally Processed Ingredients
Minimally Processed Ingredients
Else uses a unique, minimal-processing production: Nutrients are maintained in their food matrix and the proteins are intact with minimal ingredient processing.
Clean Label Certified
Clean Label Certified
Else™ Toddler Original was awarded the Clean Label Project Purity Award, which tests products for over 400 impurities like Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium, BPA, and others. That's because we use the cleanest ingredients and process available to ensure this highest level of purity for your toddler!
It is more than nutrition.  It’s truly something else.

It is more than nutrition. It’s truly something else.

At Else™, our mission is a simple one: create a certified Clean Label, real whole-food, balanced plant-based alternative to nourish our children.

“Parents are looking for healthy options. More nutritional density without the worry of high levels of heavy metals, pesticides, and plastic. Else Nutrition’s offering brings not only innovation to the baby food market segment, but also increased peace of mind for parents and caregivers.”

- Jackie Bowen, Executive Director of Clean Label Project