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Kid's Shake Mix

The Trusted Alternative to Dairy-Based Baby Nutrition

Children’s Nutrition Reimagined.

Leading the Healthy Revolution for Babies and Children With Clean, Sustainable, Plant-Based Products

Born from nature and backed by science, we wouldn’t want you to settle for anything but Else. Our mission is to provide your little ones with the cleanest, plant-based alternative to dairy and soy-based nutrition.

Over 90% Whole Food Ingredients

Clean Label, Plant-Based Nutrition you can trust, with 3 whole food, minimally-processed ingredients you can recognize and pronounce.


A superfood all superhero parents can trust. This gluten-free complete protein source is rich in fiber, iron, and magnesium for strong growth and development - and a healthy gut!


This little plant packs a powerful punch of anti-inflammatory fats that boosts the immune system and fuel healthy brain development. It also contains phosphorus, a contributor to strong teeth and bones.


Sensitive-bellies approved! This plant is an extract of cassava root, which can not only prevent bloat, but also contains much-needed nutrients like Vitamin K, Calcium and iron.

Else Plant-Based Complete Nutrition for Toddlers

Our organic, clean-label, dairy-free nutrition for toddlers is trusted by parents across the globe. With over 20+ vitamins and minerals, Else is a complete nutrition source that may help your little one's growth and development. See why parents love Else plant-based toddler formula!

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Plant Protein Nutritional Shake for Kids

Introducing clean, plant-based complete nutrition for kiddos that tastes like a treat! Packed with: protein, healthy carbs, healthy fats, and over 20 essential nutrients kids need. It’s clean fuel for growth. WITH 50% LESS SUGAR than leading brands! 

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NEW! Plant-Powered Shake Mix for Kids

Introducing two new flavors: Mango & Banana both with the SUPERFOOD CH-CH-CHIA. Filled with antioxidants, protein, fiber, prebiotics, calcium, and manganese, chia may balance energy and satisfy taste buds.

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Else Nutrition Changed Their Lives, Read Their Stories

We originally bought this product to use for our toddler with a milk protein allergy. He has since outgrown the allergy but we continued to use it as he likes the taste of it and I feel reassured that it has the right balance of nutrients for him. Here is a picture of our little guy enjoying a smoothie made with Else. Thanks for a great product!


Else Nutrition really changed my daughter's life. My daughter used to have a terrible constipation. Most of time when she wanted to poop, she used to cry, and I couldn't handle it. I was sad too see her crying. I did a lots of researches, and a found you guys. Thank you so much. I really appreciate for that I'm so happy to see my baby girl healthy and happy too. No more constipation at all. Thank you once again for thinking about all these kids that are facing a terrible constipation, allergies duo to cow milk.


I was a bit skeptical, but my toddler LOVES IT!! she comes to the kitchen and asks for her 'leche' (Spanish) . She gets all the nutrients she needs and she enjoys it.


Why Experts Choose Else

"As a Pediatric Registered Dietitian for over 20 years and a mom for more than eight, I have witnessed very few advancements in the world of infant and toddler nutrition – until Else Nutrition"

Robin Kaiden MS, RD, CDN

"Unlike other options on the market, it is minimally processed. Its protein is uniquely sourced from almonds and buckwheat, and it is fortified with many essential vitamins and minerals."

Dr. Leah Alexander MD, FAAP

"Finally, there is something else available for practicing professionals to recommend with the confidence that toddler nutritional needs are met with a plant-based, non-dairy alternative.”

Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg MD, FAAP

"Else is filling a much needed gap, and providing an alternative for those looking to avoid dairy or soy, and a viable option for intolerances and other diet considerations."

Nicole Silber RD, CSP, CLC

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