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Life Changing Stories

Real parents share stories about our products

Mom to 2yr old

Angela We have dairy allergy in our family history, so first we tried a soy-based toddler formula however this had a lot of toxins and it made children become hyper. A friend told me about Else, and my children were better focused better, started gaining weight and they became energetic and lively.

Mom to 3yr old

Ariane “I was so happy when I read the ingrediants list, as it is literally only what you need! Its Vegan, Dairy and Gluten free which is very important for me! I counted down the days till my babies first birthday when we could start using Else! After five days all of his skin rashes were almost all gone!”

Mom to Toddler

“I serve the Else formula along side my toddler’s breakfast. It provides extra calories and fills in any nutritional gaps. As my toddler is super picky with his foods, it provides a guarantee that he is meeting all his nutritional needs! He loves it!

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Complete Nutrition Made from whole plants
Designed to support healthy growth and development
Minimally processed ingredients Leaving in more nutrients
Clean label certified, safe from heavy metals and other nasties
Low in sugar, vitamin and minerals enriched
X No dairy X No soy X No corn syrup X No palm oil X Non-GMO
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USDA Organic Clean Label Purity Award Certified Plant Based Made without soy Fodmap Friendly Patented nutrition


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“Our mission is to help parents start their children on the path towards a healthy life. By offering them clean, plant-based, whole-food options made from mother nature's gentlest ingredients.”