Else’s foundation began from a crucial need for a healthy alternative to dairy and highly processed baby nutrition that no other formula could meet in a stagnant industry that was over 120 years old.

Family Picture

CEO, Hamutal, and co-founders, Uriel and Michael, were highly exposed to these difficulties. Working as leaders in the infant nutrition industry, the three of them saw that so many babies - including their own - were suffering from intolerances, allergies, sensitivities and other conditions that these formulas only seemed to worsen.

Uriel, Hamutal and Michael

Uriel’s granddaughter, Roni, entered the world with a very severe intolerance to dairy & soy based formula - to such an extent her life was at risk. At that point, the founders could not sit on the sidelines any longer, a real choice was long overdue. It was time for something else.

Grandpa holding baby

As strong supporters of plant-based nutrition, they knew the formula would have to be free from soy, dairy, harsh chemicals, and ultra-processing – and of course, meet the highest standards for infant nutrition.

Workers in factory

The initial recipe made of plant ingredients was first developed internally. It was then reviewed and approved by scientists, pediatricians, and nutritionists. Else is based on almonds and buckwheat, which combined are a rich source of fatty and amino acids – and these plant ingredients are healthy, tolerable, and can be easily digested by babies suffering from all sorts of sensitivities.

3 Generations. Michael with his son and grandson

The founders tested the initial almond-buckwheat prototype on Roni, and, with amazement, it saved her life!  After seven years of initiation work, Else Plant-Based Complete Nutrition for toddlers was put on the market.

Toddler Yummies

Else is holding the torch to a healthier and happier future starting with your little ones. They are currently undergoing procedures to meet the strict regulatory requirements to bring a real alternative to dairy and soy infant formula to the world.
Currently, Else has a toddler formula and a line of kids complete nutrition shakes.

Girls with Else Nutrition shake powder

They continue to experience innovation and growth, by expanding across retail stores and online platforms in America (and soon globally), as well as developing new product lines for children and one day adults. Else is at the forefront of the plant-based infant and kid’s nutrition space and changing the lives of people around the world through clean, sustainable, healthy alternatives to their nutritional needs!

Family in front of else nutrition emblem