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Life Changing Testimonials from Else Families

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This is probably the best thing that my kid eats, and she is obsessed with it. Couldn't ask for a better milk for my kid.


My young children five and two absolutely love the days that we make milkshakes with the chocolate protein and fruit. It's such a great way to get an extra serving of protein in my kids who are not the biggest fans of meat. It's also wonderful because one of the kids is dairy free. Finding great quallty products that accommodate her allergy are hard to come by.


This product is amazing. Smells good, looks good, tastes great. Our baby loves it and it seems much easier on them than regular amino acid formulas. Our baby loves drinking this stuff, whereas with other options they just tolerate and eat it. Also they digest it more quickly so they eat more meals per day with this compared to amino acid formula. Lastly no spit up or vomit so far. Mind blown. Thank you ELSE ❤️


Awesome option for the future. Ways less unnecessary ingredients compared to other products in the market.


When you open the box, you can smell a light banana smell. Children love it very much.


This product gives me peace of mind that my son is getting the nutrients he needs alongside some protein. He has yet to try any meat and was seriously lacking in protein. He has serious food aversions that literally makes him scream, tremble, and gag, not to mention bad constipation and this formula helps aid in his digestion. He still eats only puréed foods w oatmeal or mashed potatoes with a couple snacks here and there. I have hope one day he will eat more but this formula is God send for us! The taste is actually quite good! I do add a tsp or less of sugar for his liking. It smells like chocolate milk to me but tastes closely to soy milk but it has no soy! Haha 10/10 would recommend!


My baby has been eating this since he was 6 months old and he never turns it down. I mix in fruit and avocado in it to spice it up, but the vanilla flavor is on point.


It isn't too chalky. It's the only supplement my autistic toddler doesn't get backed up on. It has helped bridge the gap in her nutrition and we were finally able to get her to a healthy weight.


My kids love else and so do l. This powder has been an excellent source of vitamins and allows me to sneak in veggies like spinach, carrots & zucchini for my picky eaters. Even luse it to make myself shakes before or after a work out and it always leaves me feeling amazing


My baby loves it! It has clean ingredients and tastes great! It smells yummy too and great for my 10 months old! He much prefers this infant cereal over other brands and I will be buying more.


I have a 20 months old son that was constantly getting sick. Twice a month that child had a cold/flu. A coworker talked to me about Else and it was a message from heaven. He’s been gaining weight and he doesn’t get sick anymore. We have been buying this milk for 3 or 4 months already. We love it. 


My baby loves this, and I love the ingredients.


I am a general pediatrician and I was hesitant to transition to cow's milk after my son turned one year old because I commonly see constipation, stomach upset, and constipation during the transition. I was looking for a plant-based milk that can still offer great nutritional value and was so excited to try Else. My son loves it, and it even tastes great. I recommend this to my patients as well.


We love this in our family. It makes breakfast and busy mornings so quick and easy and my 14 month old LOVES it. He's picky so this has been so great for us!


Pleasantly reporting how much my baby loves the vanilla cereal! Itried it and was great! The banana is great too!


My Baby enjoys this cereal and I’m happy to see that it has clean ingredients.