Little one with Allergies or Sensitivities?

A real alternative for those with sensitive bellies, and for those looking to avoid dairy and soy. Finally. A dairy-free, soy-free nutrition drink that meets the gold standard for nutrition and your standard for a clean label.

We made Else with sensitive bellies and plant-loving babies and children in mind. Whatever’s pushing you to find an alternative, whether it’s a picky-eater, or supplementing a diet because of intolerances or allergies, Else has you covered.

Success Stories

★★★★★ - Ashley S.

"My baby is loving else nutrition! She has a cows milk protein allergy so it is hard to find something that will work for her. This is the only milk she has liked and didn’t cause a reaction! What’s even better... it’s all real plant-based nutrition!"  

★★★★★ - - Adrianna M.

"Thank you so much for having the one and only true alternative for my toddler, who is both lactose and soy intolerant (hurts his tummy). We have purchased several times and our little guy loves it as an alternative to cow’s milk and soy milk. THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN for making this product come alive and available to parents. "

★★★★★ - - Alethea S.

I was having so many issues finding a formula that would help with her digestive sensitivity; even the formulas marked as 'sensitive' were causing her bowel distress and constipation. But, no more! Her bowel movements are moving along easier, she doesn't spit up any more and her bottle parts no longer have a strange residue that cannot be rinsed out with hot water.

Thank you Else for changing the game and helping parents like me find something easy to digest for our little ones!"

★★★★★- Paula Z

"The improvement was immediate. Huge decrease in belly gas and intestinal gas. A decrease in phlegm and throwing up. He was less cranky and upset. He just feels so much better "

★★★★★ - Bonnie F.

“Else has been the only thing, other than breastmilk, that my son can tolerate. Milk and soy-based options just weren’t working. I’m so glad we found Else!”

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