Dragon Fruit Ice Cream for Toddles and Kids

Dragon Fruit Nice Cream

By @megunprocessed on Instagram

Mom Hack when your kids are begging for ice cream, make nice cream instead! Using frozen fruits gives a great texture plus the sugars are waaay better for them! And, for an extra boost of nutrients for your young picky eaters, add in some @elsenutrition. It’s the first plant-based, certified organic formula on the market! It’s made with good ingredients unlike most formulas out there. No high fructose corn-syrup ❌ No dairy ❌ No GMO’s! ❌⁣

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1/4 cup of water

4 scoops Else toddler formula

100 grams frozen dragon fruit

1 frozen banana


Add all the ingredients to your blender and blend together! To make it a little sweeter add in a date or two.


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