Struggling to find suitable baby/toddler nutrition through the current stock shortages?

We’re here to help. 

Our toddler and kids nutrition products and drinks are safe and available. 

We’ve received many inquiries from customers and healthcare providers, who have been directly affected by the current infant formula and toddler product out of stock situations from various manufacturers, and about using Else Nutrition as an alternative.

Else Toddler Complete Nutrition Drinks are: 

  • For 12+ months and older.
  • Clean Label Purity Award Certified which means Else products are independently tested for over 400 contaminants, including pesticides and heavy metals. We follow rigorous standards, using whole plants, minimally processed ingredients, and the cleanest, most natural and sustainable production process we can use.
  • Free of dairy, soy, gluten, GMOs, and corn syrup-solids.
  • Nutritionally complete providing gluten-free carbs, plant-based protein (with all essential amino acids). Healthy unsaturated fat and over 20 essential vitamin and minerals.
  • Scientifically designed to support healthy weight gain: 80% of children with poor weight gain saw an improvement after using an Else product.*
  • Gentle on tummies: 76% of mothers reported a significant improvement in their child’s tummy-related symptoms following use of Else.* 


*Our toddler products are designed for 12m+ or when directed by a health care professional.

*source: As reported in parents online survey. Bridges K., et al. Poster presented at: The 9th International Conference on Nutrition & Growth (2022, March 17-19). 

What Can You Do Next? 

  1. Ask your child’s Pediatrician or Dietitian whether an Else product may be an appropriate alternative for your child.

For your toddler 12m+, advise your HCP on our two options:

  • Toddler Original which is an organic complete nutrition drink, made with >90% whole food plant-based ingredients - almond, buckwheat and tapioca, and +20 vitamins and minerals designed to support healthy growth & development of toddlers.
  • Toddler Omega, the non-organic version, made with >80% minimally processed, whole-food plant-based ingredients - almond, buckwheat and tapioca, with added omega 3&6 to support brain development, designed to optimize essential protein, making it complete and balanced.

 formula shortage options

For your Kids over two years, advise your HCP on our Kids Nutritional Shake; packed with plant-protein, gluten-free carbs, healthy unsaturated fats, and over 20 essential nutrients kids need. It’s ideal for active kids and picky eaters plus, it has 50% less sugar than leading brands. 

Let them know that Else is taking measures to attain a 100% product order fulfillment rate. 

  1. Ask your child’s Pediatrician to order you free samples, or purchase some yourself to try. We have a sample program and can deliver formula samples right to your doorstep at your healthcare team’s request. Here is a link for your Pediatrician to request samples. 

Our Else Care team is available to answer your questions and support at: 1-888-TRY-ELSE or contact us.