7 Reasons Why Parents Love this Nutrition Shake for their Kids

Here’s why health-conscious parents are trying and sticking with these Plant-Based nutrition shakes for their kiddos.
04/16/2024 | D. Abrahams

1. It’s so much more than just a shake

For kids 2-13 years old – this is a real nutrition shake with 9g of Plant-Powered Protein and 25 essential minerals and vitamins your kiddo needs. With kid-approved taste and whole, complete nutrition - these nutrition shakes are a healthier choice for nurturing growing bodies on the move, or to help picky eaters catch up on growth/fill in any nutrition gaps.

2. It’s Loaded with Real, Whole, Plant-Based Ingredients

These are the only real, whole-food shakes that parents and kids love. These kid nutrition shakes are made with over 90% real, minimally-processed whole food ingredients (including superfoods like almonds & buckwheat) for maximum nutrition. Because let’s face it: kids don’t need another ultra-processed drink. This is a real, whole food ingredient alternative to PediaSure.

3. Pediatrician-Approved & even Picky-Eater Approved

Up to 40% of kids are picky eaters. It’s the classic struggle – you want your kiddo to eat healthy, but they have other ideas. As parents, it’s stressful to worry about their health & nutrition. That’s why Else made these super yummy real, whole food shakes with none of the ultra-processed ingredients. These shakes are designed to fill nutrition gaps of picky eaters, and can help catch up your child on growth.

4. It's Clean Label Certified & Pure. No Added Fillers, No Nonsense

So pure, Else Nutrition wins awards for them! As a Clean Label Project Purity Award Winner, these shakes are independently tested to be fully safe from heavy metals, pesticides, and any other nasties. Get real peace of mind with all of the goodness, without any of the junk.

5. It's Surprisingly Delicious... for Something This Healthy – Your Kiddo Will Love it!

They’ll actually love it and keep asking you for more. Finally, a real kids' nutrition shake that tastes like a treat.

6. It's Almost Too Easy

Convenient Ready to Drink format, you can put it in their lunch box or school bag, and be confident they’re consuming a healthy treat – with clean, plant-powered fuel. These shakes are great for any time of day.

7. Your kiddo can try it now with 15% OFF!

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If you made it to #7 you’re obviously serious about healthy nutrition for your child…

Get serious about healthy nutrition for your child…

No fillers, no fluff, no nonsense. Only the highest-quality, real, whole plant-based ingredients you’d want your child to consume.