A Resounding Impact: Else Nutrition at ESPGHAN 2023

A Resounding Impact: Else Nutrition at ESPGHAN 2023

Last month, Else Nutrition proudly participated in the 55th ESPGHAN (European Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition) Annual Meeting in Vienna. The four-day event attracted roughly 4000 attendees from 104 countries, providing paediatric gastroenterology, and nutrition professionals and infant nutrition industry leaders a platform to share insights, research, and advances in pediatric nutrition.

Else Nutrition's Booth at ESPGHAN 2023

Our team at Else Nutrition was represented by Dr. Fabiana Bar-Yoseph, Director of Clinical Development, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs; Renana Mizrahi, Global Director Medical & Scientific Affairs; and Dr. Kayla Bridges DCN RD-AP CNSC FAND, Director of North American Medical & Scientific Affairs.

The Else Nutrition Team

Perhaps the most gratifying aspect of our presence at ESPGHAN 2023 was the opportunity to share the findings of our research. We proudly presented an abstract featuring studies conducted by Else Nutrition:

Off-label infant consumption of our Else Toddler formula

A parent survey on off-label infant consumption of our Else Toddler formula. The findings revealed a general tolerance of the product, a reduction in reported weight gain problems, and an improvement in parent-perceived nutrition-related symptoms following use.

    These studies further illustrate our dedication to research and innovation, providing healthier, whole plant-based solutions for pediatric nutrition.

    Reflecting on our experience at ESPGHAN 2023, we are invigorated by the enthusiasm for our products and the broader recognition of the growing demand of plant-based nutrition. The high level of interest shown for Else Nutrition's products underscored the growing global need for plant-based nutrition products in pediatric care.

    Dr. Kayla Bridges presenting at ESPGHAN 2023


    We look forward to continuing to contribute to the conversation and action around healthier nutrition choices for children worldwide.

    As we look towards the future, we remain committed to our mission: to provide healthier, plant-based, and scientifically-driven nutrition options for children everywhere. The journey continues, and we're excited about the path ahead. Thank you to ESPGHAN and all the attendees for a fantastic event. Here's to next year!

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