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Else Nutrition Is
Changing the face of Early Childhood Nutrition with Clean, Sustainable, Plant-Based Products.
Scientific Advisory Board

Our scientific advisory board is built of highly educated and dedicated researchers and doctors with experience in topics such as pediatrics, gastroenterology (such as gut bacteria and IBD), and infant nutrition. Our board members have had past executive roles in companies such as Mead, Johnson, Abbott Nutrition, and other leading infant nutrition societies. Some of them currently serve in leading medical centers and academic institutes such as Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Tel Aviv University.

Jon Vanderhoof, MD
Yvan Vandenplas, MD, PhD
Raanan Shamir,MD, PhD
Ron Shaoul, MD
Hania Szajewska, MD
Carina Venter, RD PhD

We Work with the Best Partners

Else Nutrition can be found in some of America's finest retailers nationwide. We put a great deal of care into where we place our beloved brand. From the west coast, through the mountain regions, and on to the Gulf and Atlantic shores, Else's partners cherish their customers and their communities at large. And we've only just begun to expand our network of retailers so that America can find Else's products close to home.

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