Whole Foods Names Buckwheat a Top Food for 2024. Now Your Child Can Benefit too!


We believe that Real, Whole Plants Provide Better Nutrition

That's why over 80% of our formula is made of real, whole food goodness. 
Ultra-Processed Foods are the Enemy.
  • Studies show that ultra-processed foods are linked to health problems, such as obesity, hypertension, heart disease and other long-term diseases by changes the gut microbiome.. 
  • Ultra-processed foods in childhood can lead to nutritionally imbalanced diets through adulthood.
  • Almost all Baby, Toddler & Kids Nutrition Supplements are ultra-processed, and contain loads of sugar, fillers, gums and other junk.
  • None of that stuff gives your kids what they truly need to grow.
So what can you do about it?
Try a Whole New Way to Get them Growing.

Over 80% Real, Minimally-Processed, Whole Food Ingredients.
No compromises here, just Plant-Forward thinking. By using, high quality Real, Nutritious Whole Plant ingredients, you’re giving your child more of the good stuff - without any of the junk. 
Now THAT’s Something else.

Try the Only, REAL Whole Foods Alternative to Dairy-Based Baby & Kids Nutrition. Only we use whole food nutrients for more natural digestion.

Our Whole Difference.

All else Products are made with Real, Whole Food Ingredients.


Real, Whole Superfoods like Buckwheat & Almonds.


Why Does this Matter? 
Whole Plants Provide Better Nutrition.


So Now You Can Decide: 

Whole Food-Based of Ultra-Processed?

The Whole Package:
No Compromise Necessary
  • Made with over 90% real, whole foods.

  • Revolutionary, gentle, minimal processing - leaving in more nutrient goodness.

  • Clean Label Purity

Most Other Products: 
(compromises included)
  • High processing, not whole food based, full of fillers

  • Same old ultra-processing, using harsh chemicals, stripping away nutrients.

  • Made with chemicals, gums, etc

We’re else. This is your whole new world of nutrition.
It’s time for something else. As parents, we’ve stood right where you’re standing - and we knew that when it comes to early childhood nutrition, something better was desperately needed. 

So we made something else. We’re revolutionizing nutrition for this generation and the future ones - with nutrition that’s over 80% real, whole plant-based.

That’s our WHOLE truth: consuming more nutritious whole plants early, sets the foundation for a healthier future. We also saw a need to rethink the WAY early childhood nutrition is made, which is why we use the most sustainable, minimal processing - leaving in more of the good stuff that nature intended. Are you read to join a whole, new world?
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The Whole Way: 7 Easy Ways to Get Your Kiddo Eating More, Whole Food Nutrition.
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