Sunshine Smoothie for Winter Blues

Are you missing the summer sun? This smoothie recipe will help you reminisce on the warm days, while also packing in a vitamin boost for your little ones. If your kids love citrus fruits, try this Mango-Chia Complete Nutrition super smoothie for their next breakfast or snack time.

Makes: 2 8-ounce smoothies

Total Time: 5 minutes


1 cup unsweetened almond milk

2 clementines, peeled 

½ cup frozen mango chunks 

½ cup frozen pineapple chunks

1 serving (5 scoops) Else Mango & Chia Plant-Powered Kid’s Shake Mix

¼ teaspoon pure vanilla extract


  1. Place all ingredients into a high-speed blender and process on high speed for 1 minute or until smooth and creamy. 
  2. Divide the smoothie between two glasses. Enjoy immediately.

Nutrition Information

For 1 8-ounce smoothie:

Calories: 204

Fat: 7 grams

Saturated Fat: Less than 1 gram

Cholesterol: 0 milligrams

Sodium: 108 milligrams

Carbohydrate: 33 grams

Fiber: 5 grams

Sugar: 10 grams

Added Sugar: 1 gram

Protein: 4 grams

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